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"Geological Features and Artifacts in Stereo 3D"
November 26, 2001

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Geology is a field which benefits greatly from the use of stereo imaging techniques. It is used for such diverse subjects as micro-fossils, riverbeds, and satellite photos of the earth. Stereo images help provide the depth cues necessary to perceive the structure of a subject. Stereo images also increase the speed of recognition and retention of the structural information in an image. You can test this by looking at these images first in 2D and then in stereo 3D. This is one of the reasons that geologists use stereo images when studying the structure of natural objects.

This show is split into several slideshows. The topics include: 

  • "The Canyons of Utah" by William L. Salkin
  • "Crystal Canyons" by John Hart
  • "Caves and Minerals" by David W. Kesner
  • "Aerial Images" by Gabriel Jacob
  • "Eroding Gypsum" by Gary Nored
  • "Landforms and Fossils"

  • by Dale Walsh, Robert MacLeay, Stuart Stiles, and Lynda Nygren 

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"Small Furry Animals in Stereo 3D"    August 15, 2001 
Furriness is a difficult subject to display digitally in stereo 3D. Stereo viewing relies on sharp contrast edges to determine the relative positions of features. When displaying fur at low resolution, the detail of the fur can get washed out. This reduces the edges used in stereo viewing. Thanks to the contributing photographers, this series of stereo views shows that furriness can be imaged and digitally displayed in stereo 3D.

Views:    A Ruthless Innocent (Cat), Sugar Glider, Miniature Pony, Coyote, Darlin (Guinea Pig), Jo Jo (Cat), Monkey Love, Kitten in the Grass. 

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"Flowers"    July 13, 2001 
In this series of photographs, the structure and natural beauty of flowers are revealed in stereo 3D.

Views:  Lilies, Feaverfew, Atlas Cedar, DogRose, Day Lilies, Hibiscus, Wisteria Connection, Honeysuckle, Bougainvillea, Encyclia Tampensis, Epidendrum Anceps, Sunflower. 

Due to its advanced features, this show may not work with some browsers

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"Insects, Bugs and More"    Mar. 7, 2001
This article was assembled from the images of multiple stereo photographers from around the world. The theme is insects, bugs or anything else which moves in the macro-world. This article also introduces an innovative scoring mechanism which allows vistors to express their opinion of each image and for you to view the current score of the image. 

Views:  Snail, Woodlouse, Kiku Fly, House Fly, Hornworm, Earwig, Fruitfly, Paperwasp, Beefly. 

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"Deep Earth Nine" by stereo photographer David W. Kesner   Feb. 20, 2001
This is another sampling of Kesner's images -- this time exposing his underground activities. In this caving adventure, Kesner and his companions attempt to locate the center of the earth. 

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"Aerial Views" by stereo photographer David W. Kesner   Jan. 17, 2001
These views were taken from a commercial aircraft.  The images are remarkably clear considering that they were taken through a passenger window.  The stereo views were obtained by pairing two pictures separated in time.  In this article, Kesner demonstrates his skill in framing the images and judging the stereo base even when the airplane is circling. 

Views:  Mount Rainier, Mount Baker, the Grand Canyon, the Las Vegas Strip, and Clouds. 

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