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PokeScope Educational Kit

Provides all you need to take stereoscopic 3D photos using any digital or film camera and a tripod.

Kit includes:

  • Pocket slidebar with a 3 inch maximum stereo base
  • PokeScope Pro software
  • Award winning PokeScope viewer.
  • A sample stereo card
Required But Not Included
  • A digital camera or film camera (see notes)
  • A tripod
  • Notes: Film cameras can be used to record stereo pair photos which can be viewed with the PokeScope viewer. However, to use the PokeScope software to edit, view and create stereocards, you will need to scan the prints to obtain digital versions of the images.

How to use the kit

This kit allows you to take your own 3D photographs of still subjects using an ordinary digital (or film) camera and a slidebar. The PokeScope Pro software allows you to edit and view the photos on a computer screen and print stereo cards using templates. The award winning PokeScope viewer allows you to view the images in 3D on a computer or on prints.

Stereo images can be recorded with a single camera simply by taking two photos of a subject from two positions. The single camera method allows more flexibility with certain subject matter than true stereoscopic cameras with two lenses.

The single camera and slidebar method allows you to change the sideways distance or stereo base between the two shots. This has a dramatic effect on the amount of depth seen in the images. This is why the single camera method is often used by expert stereo photographers when shooting still subjects. Moving subjects usually require two cameras or a stereo camera to record a 3D image.

The single camera method allows you to experiment with changing the stereo base when shooting stereo images. Generally small subjects require small stereo bases and large subjects require larger stereo bases. Also flat subjects allow greater stereo bases than subjects with a lot of depth. The single camera method allows you to gain experience with selecting stereo bases and composing and cropping stereo views with a minimum investment. This educational kit makes this learning process easier.

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