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PS Pro 2.6  11-18-2005
PS Pro 2.4  10-04-2003
PS 3D 2.6 10-10-2005
PS 3D 2.4 06-24-2003
PS 3D 2.2 12-22-2002
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PS Pro 2.6  7-19-2004
PS 3D 2.6 7-19-2004

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PokeScope Pro  Professional Edition

Recent Fixes

New Features in Version 2.6

Version 2.6 has

  • Improved stereo card templates
  • Improved file filtering functions
  • New Gray/Cyan color mode for improved anaglyphs
  • Improved 90 degree image rotations
  • Improved speed/efficiency

Modern Stereocard The stereo card templates have been extended to allow more flexible use of photo processing services which allow digital files to printed on photographic paper. For example, now you can print classic stereo cards on 5x7 inch prints. In addition to choosing from several stereo card templates, you can also choose the target print size. This creates extra space around the card when needed so that the digital file can be printed on the standard print without cropping off part of the image.

A few new stereo card templates have been added. You can define custom dimensions for each template style. The templates also have anaglyph versions which allow you to make professional anaglyph prints.

The supported templates are:

  • Classic (3.5" x 7")
  • Modern (4" x 6")
  • Postcard (3" x 5")
  • Vistascreen (4.375" x 1.75")

Classic Stereocard

Classic (Holmes) stereo card ready to print on a 5x7 inch print
Modern Stereocard

Modern (Thorpe) stereo card ready to print on a 4x6 inch print
Postcard Stereocard

Postcard stereo card ready to print on a 3.5x5 inch print
Vistascreen Stereocard

Vistascreen stereo card ready to print on a 3.5x5 inch print

The open file function now uses the newer "Explorer style" open file dialog. This allows you to open files on the desktop and on networks which wasn't possible previously. Now the file filtering functions can be accessed from a new button on the toolbar.
The new filtering function also makes it possible to re-filter the files in a directory.

Additional features will be added soon.

Recent Fixes
  • 11-18-2005
    • Fixed a problem with View Magic™ stereo card format.
    • Fixed a memory problem.
  • 6-19-2005
    • Fixed a problem with batch saving while using two-file input mode.
  • 4-6-2005
    • Fixed a problem with printing alignment for some printer models.
  • 3-20-2005
    • Fixed a problem with using round borders that would terminate the program.
    • Fixed a problem with printing so that images are now aligned better on the page. Multiple images per page now works better.
  • 5-22-2004
    • New debugging feature which logs session to a "log.txt" file. Send this file to
  • 5-15-2004
    • Fixed bug which caused stereo card dimensions to be changed by the stereo card text function.
  • 4-02-2004
    • Fixed bug in cropping function when no stereo format is enabled.
    • Fixed bug in the toolbar alignment mode which caused the program to terminate when the moused was dragged on an image.
  • 3-23-2004
    • Fixed problem with opening new right images in two file mode.
    • Improved default image pair matching.
  • 2-4-2004
    • Stereo card template font size is now adjustable.
    • Custom colors are now remembered.
    • Small improvements in stereo card templates.
    • Improvements in font and color choosing functions.

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