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PS 3D 2.2 11-25-2002

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In version 2.4, the cropping and alignment tools have been improved and reorganized.  The new user interface clearly separates the functions of cropping and aligning stereo images.  A basic "Cropping and Alignment" mode allows you to quickly set the vertical alignment, horizontal alignment (stereo window), and to crop regions of stereo images.  An "Advanced Cropping" mode provides two types of cropping operations.  The first cropping operation can be used to exclude undesirable parts of an image while the second cropping operation can be used to select the parts of an image to include in the stereo view.  These cropping features allow the alignment and the selected parts of the images to be changed while preventing the undesirable parts of an image from creeping into the view.   Another new feature allows you to fix the aspect ratio of the view to any value. 
screenshot  b-DNA

Cropping and Alignment Mode
In the "Cropping and Alignment" mode, the alignment functions allow you to set the vertical alignment of the stereo images and the horizontal alignment (position of the stereo window).   Two crosses appear on each image surrounded by a local magnified portion of the image.  The alignment is selected by dragging these points to sharp features in the images.  One point on each image is used for the vertical alignment and one point on each image is used for the horizontal alignment.  The magnified regions around the points allow you to position the points accurately on sharp features.  If you always want to used the maximum allowed view, you only need to select the alignment of the images and can avoid using the cropping operations altogether. 
screenshot Cropping and Alignment

Advanced Cropping Mode
In the "Advanced Cropping" mode, the first cropping operation can be used crop out borders around the images or defective portions of the images.   If your images have no undesirable regions, you don't need to use the first cropping operation. 

The second cropping operation allows you to set the desired size of the view and the aspect ratio of the view.  You can move the selected view to any position inside the first cropping borders.  If you always want to use the maximum allowed view, you don't need to use this cropping operation. 
screenshot Advanced Cropping

Toolbar and Keyboard Control
All cropping and alignment variables can be adjusted while viewing the image in any stereo format except the first cropping operation which crops out the undesirable portions of the image.  For that operation, you need to be in the "Advanced Cropping" mode.  The cropping and alignment variables can be changed by using the tools labeled "X" and "Y" on the toolbar or by using the arrow keys.  The current active variables can be selected by using a selection control on the toolbar or by pressing the "Tab" key.  The selections are: 

  • "Scroll" -- used for scrolling the images
  • "Crop" -- used for setting the cropped size of the images
  • "Position" -- used for setting the position of the selected portions of the images
  • "Align" -- used for setting the vertical alignment and stereo window.
screenshot  Adjusting the stereo window
Note:  Pressing the "Shift" key in combination with the above tools or arrow keys increases the increment of change in a variable by a factor of 10.

History of version 2.4
  • 10-04-2003
    • Fixed bug in Brightness/Graphs and Saturation/Graphs functions.
    • Changed small details in cropping functions to make them more intuitive.
    • Added storing Player variables to saved slideshow files.
  • 09-13-2003
    • Fixed bug in Fixed Color mode
    • Fixed bug in handling filenames with more than one period
    • Fixed bug in making masks for parallax barrier mode
  • 07-08-2003
    • Improved display of cropping rectangles and alignment points in Cropping and Alignment mode
  • 06-24-2003
    • Added reversed scrolling of individually mirrored of flipped images.
  • 06-20-2003
    • Added Open Left Image and Open Right Image items under the File menu which match the toolbar functions.
    • Enabled cropping of mono images which was un-intentionally disabled.
    • Added a dialog to confirm batch setting after using an Open File dialog window.
  • 06-12-2003
    • Added mirroring and flipping left and right images individually.
    • Fixed recent bug affecting rotation, perspective, and size deformations.
    • Allowed saved slideshows to work with two file input mode.
  • 05-27-2003
    • Added sizing left and right images individually.
  • 05-19-2003
    • Version 2.4 officially released.
    • Fixed several minor problems.
  • 04-29-2003
    • Fixed problem with entering cropping modes through the Edit menu.
    • Fixed cropping modes not drawing correctly for some operating systems
    • Added "a", "d", "w", and "x" keyboard control of scrolling and cropping
    • Fixed problem with arches in stereocard templates not always working
  • 04-16-2003
    • Fixed problem with drawing magnified regions in the "Cropping and Alignment" mode
    • Reorganized cropping modes into a basic "Cropping and Alignment" mode and an "Advanced Cropping" mode
    • Added recalling whether "Two File Input" mode is selected between sessions.
  • 04-14-2003 
    • Fixed problem with batch saving while using "Two File Input" mode.
    • Fixed the "Fixed Cropping" option while using "Two File Input" mode.
    • Fixed problem with the alignment variables incrementing by 2 instead of 1 when using the arrow keys or toolbar tools.
  • 04-01-2003  Beta version first released.

How to Report Bugs and Give Feedback

We very much appreciate getting feedback.  Feedback on any feature of the software is always welcome.  We can anticipate three types of comments
  • Bugs which make the features not work
  • Problems with the user interface which make the features confusing
  • Problems with the philosophy or direction of the new features.
We appreciate each of the above types of comments.  Please comment on as many of the above categories as you can. 

You can email your comments to Dr. Monte Ramstad or call 507-263-4611

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