Stereo Images from twinned Canon S400's
Synchronization Test

The sychronization of the custom digital stereo camera is quite good, but not perfect. Very fast motion will still be difficult to photography in stereo. The images below show an image of a waterfall where very rapid upward and downward motion are photographed simultaneously at three resolutions. At maximum resolution it is easy to notice the distortion caused by the motion. Where the motion isn't as rapid, there is little distortion even at the highest resolution. To examine the whole image in detail, you can download the full-sized image. Of course a thorough measurement of the synchronization of the cameras would be helpful.

This stereo pair image was taken at 2272x1704 pixel resolution for each half of the pair. The images were cropped slightly and aligned, then resized to 25% for display.

This is the same stereo pair image resized by only 50% and cropped for display.
This is the same stereo pair image at full resolution and cropped for display.