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Pokescope 3D Photo Competitions
2006: Camouflage,Transparency, and Reflections
2005: Surfaces, Objects, and Spaces

Digital 3D Camera

New!  Pokescope Lanc Controller for digital 3d cameras.  Capture fast action and still subjects in 3D.
PokeScope 3D Viewer
News! The PokeScope 3D viewer proudly wins a best product award at the International Stereoscopic Union's 2003 Congress in Besancon France!

Now in Red and Black

"... for the quick fusion of nearly any format pair --or several pairs at once-- the PokeScope is one of the best designed and crafted devices ever to reach the market."
-- says Stereo World Magazine, Vol 27, No 4.

Designed for viewing stereoscopic 3D images on computer screens. Also works with printed images of any size.

PokeScope Stereo Photography Educational Kit

Provides all you need to take stereoscopic 3D photos using any small digital or film camera.
Pocket Slidebar

For single camera stereo photography of still subjects. A great way to learn stereo photography.
Stereoscopic Imaging Software

Software for efficient editing and display of stereo images

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